Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weight for it.

If you know me well, one of my favorite expressions lately has been "Wait for it." Not sure how this began, but I say it often, usually as an introduction to me forgetting what I was to say or do. Here's an example - I'm at work, and in the middle of explaining a professional development plan,  I'll suddenly announce - "Wait for it," followed by a few seconds of silence. Then, I'll continue with my train of thought. After you teach middle school, there's no use in trying to speak in complete sentences because most of those lovelies tune you out after the third word.

Mae's new expression - Weight for it. Bless her, she gets it from her mama. We've struggled with weight (Mae and me) for a little while now. Mae was a 5 pounder that was supposed to be a 25 pounder. Clearly, at 65 pounds, several someones were undeniably wrong. She did lose a few pounds since July, according to our lovely vet, but remember all those "puke parties" we had in the kitchen? yea, I think that helped some. So, for now, she's just happy being full figured. Her mother is not. My cute spring wardrobe fits much tighter this year, and upon my last doctor check up, a substantial 9 pounds has found a new home on me somewhere. Take a look at the photo above to see a common routine we share. Don't you worry, I'm on it. Mae is too.

Wait for it.

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